Gabriel Domergue: Famous for his Semi Nude Women Portaits

Image from “La Parisi­enne, 1955″

Jean-Gabriel Domer­gue (1889–1962)

He was born in Bor­deaux, France. Domer­gue is an artist of unique fea­tures that make his paint­ings rec­og­niz­able at first sight. His art brings a style that is the most pre­cious of the 20th cen­tury. Great tal­ent since child­hood, at age 18 he received his first award.
He behgun as a painter of land­scapes and then after influ­enced by the paint­ing of Gio­vanni Bol­dini, Domer­gue devel­oped a career mak­ing semi naked women por­traits that made him famous.
With Neo-Impressionist strokes, the faces on the women of Domer­gue express cheer­ful tem­pera­ment, explicit coquetry and bod­ies enjoy appear­ance ele­gant, soft, thin and dressed in out­fits show­ing a pris­tine trans­parency. This last a fea­ture unique in the style of Domer­gue.
It is dif­fi­cult to deter­mine the style of this artist that deserves an own clas­si­fi­ca­tion: “French mod­ernist Mannerism”.

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Images from “La Parisienne, 1955″

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Varonska et Alperoff

Vin­tage Belle Epoque Poster “Varon­ska et Alper­off ” by Jean Gabriel Domergue

Varonska et Alperoff

Varon­ska et Alper­off by Jean Gabriel Domer­gue, 1923

Vron­ska and Alper­off were two prin­ci­pal dancers with the Bal­lets Russes ensem­ble. This poster was real­ized in 1923 by Jean Gabriel Domer­gue, the bard of the “Belle Epoque”, in a style rem­i­nis­cent of the Emmy Magliani poster.

Rec­om­mended price: $10,000–16,000

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Jean Gabriel Domergue: The Inventor of the Pin-Up

The Painter of the Parisian Lady

Jean Gabriel Domer­gue: “I invented the pin-up”

His clas­si­cal paint­ing com­bined with an aura of fan­tasy makes Domergue’s por­traits unlike any other. Domer­gue changed the way women were por­trayed, break­ing the tra­di­tional melan­cholic and vapor­ish poses.

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Arlequin” by Jean-Gabriel Domergue, 1921

Joubé as “Arle­quin” by Domer­gue, 1921

Har­le­quin (or Arle­quin in French) is the ser­vant char­ac­ters from the Ital­ian Com­me­dia dell’arte. This is a rare poster from the “Belle Epoque” made by Jean Gabriel Domer­gue for a 1921 French com­edy star­ring Romuald Joubé as Arlequin.

Jean-Gabriel Domergue "Arlequin" 1921

Jean-Gabriel Domer­gue “Arle­quin” 1921

Rec­om­mended price: $6000–8000

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Personnages Imaginaires by Gabriel Domergue, 1955

Personnages Imaginaires   by Gabriel Domergue, 26" x 18" , 1955

Per­son­nages Imag­i­naires
by Gabriel Domer­gue, 26″ x 18″ , 1955

Rec­om­mended price: $1500–3000

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Parisiennes Cigarettes “by Gabriel Domergue

Tobacco Adver­tis­ing Poster for Parisi­ennes Cig­a­rettes “by Jean Gabriel Domergue

Parisi­ennes” cig­a­rettes have been man­u­fac­tured and dis­trib­uted in France by the French gov­ern­ment monop­oly S.E.I.T.A. the acronym for “Ser­vice d’exploitation indus­trielle des tabacs at allumettes” (Ser­vice for the indus­trial exploita­tion of cig­a­rettes and matches). This ad was done for the Ger­man mar­ket and labelled “Cig­a­rette of the Year”. Note the use of the sophis­ti­cated “Parisi­enne” drawn by Jean-Gabriel Domer­gue, the much sought after soci­ety artist of the period.

Poster for Parisiennes Cigarettes

Adver­tis­ment for “Parisi­ennes” Cig­a­rettes by Domergue

Rec­om­mended price: $750‑1500

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Travel Poster for Monte Carlo by Jean-Gabriel Domergue

This poster was real­ized by Jean-Gabriel Domer­gue, the painter of the roar­ing twen­ties (and thir­ties) social life.

Monaco, an ancient prin­ci­pal­ity steeped in a rich and col­or­ful his­tory, is con­sid­ered by many to be Europe’s most fas­ci­nat­ing coun­try. Though the Prin­ci­pal­ity cov­ers but one square mile, it stands as a proud monar­chy with his Serene High­ness Prince Albert as its head of state. Monaco lies in the lower part of the prin­ci­pal­ity, Le Rocher, where the palace is built, whereas Monte Carlo is home to the world famous Casino de Monte Carlo

Monte-Carlo by Domergue

Travel Poster by Gabriel Domer­gue for Monte-Carlo

Rec­om­mended price: $750‑1500

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