Gabriel Domergue: Famous for his Semi Nude Women Portaits

Image from “La Parisi­enne, 1955″

Jean-Gabriel Domer­gue (1889–1962)

He was born in Bor­deaux, France. Domer­gue is an artist of unique fea­tures that make his paint­ings rec­og­niz­able at first sight. His art brings a style that is the most pre­cious of the 20th cen­tury. Great tal­ent since child­hood, at age 18 he received his first award.
He behgun as a painter of land­scapes and then after influ­enced by the paint­ing of Gio­vanni Bol­dini, Domer­gue devel­oped a career mak­ing semi naked women por­traits that made him famous.
With Neo-Impressionist strokes, the faces on the women of Domer­gue express cheer­ful tem­pera­ment, explicit coquetry and bod­ies enjoy appear­ance ele­gant, soft, thin and dressed in out­fits show­ing a pris­tine trans­parency. This last a fea­ture unique in the style of Domer­gue.
It is dif­fi­cult to deter­mine the style of this artist that deserves an own clas­si­fi­ca­tion: “French mod­ernist Mannerism”.

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