Jean Gabriel Domergue

B&W Photograph of Gabriel Domergue


Jean-Gabriel Domer­gue was born on March 4, 1889 in Bor­deaux. The painter and graphic artist is espe­cially famous for his beau­ti­ful depic­tions of women in posters and is often com­pared to “Toulouse Lautrec”. 

After com­plet­ing his stud­ies the artist began his career with tra­di­tional land­scape paint­ing, but later he deve­l­ope his own unique style mak­ing mod­ernistic por­traits that brought that was his claim to fame. His mod­els, mainly from the the­ater milieu (includ­ing Josephine Baker) are usu­ally very slim and depicted with a Swan neck. In 1927 the artist moved to south­ern France. The Côte d’Azur where the Mediter­ranean light had great impact on his palette and where he made many of his posters until his death. Jean-Gabriel Domer­gue died 1962 in Cannes.

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