Travel Poster for Monte Carlo by Jean-Gabriel Domergue

This poster was real­ized by Jean-Gabriel Domer­gue, the painter of the roar­ing twen­ties (and thir­ties) social life.

Monaco, an ancient prin­ci­pal­ity steeped in a rich and col­or­ful his­tory, is con­sid­ered by many to be Europe’s most fas­ci­nat­ing coun­try. Though the Prin­ci­pal­ity cov­ers but one square mile, it stands as a proud monar­chy with his Serene High­ness Prince Albert as its head of state. Monaco lies in the lower part of the prin­ci­pal­ity, Le Rocher, where the palace is built, whereas Monte Carlo is home to the world famous Casino de Monte Carlo

Monte-Carlo by Domergue

Travel Poster by Gabriel Domer­gue for Monte-Carlo

Rec­om­mended price: $750‑1500

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