Varonska et Alperoff

Vin­tage Belle Epoque Poster “Varon­ska et Alper­off ” by Jean Gabriel Domergue

Varonska et Alperoff

Varon­ska et Alper­off by Jean Gabriel Domer­gue, 1923

Vron­ska and Alper­off were two prin­ci­pal dancers with the Bal­lets Russes ensem­ble. This poster was real­ized in 1923 by Jean Gabriel Domer­gue, the bard of the “Belle Epoque”, in a style rem­i­nis­cent of the Emmy Magliani poster.

Rec­om­mended price: $10,000–16,000

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  1. David Ritter says:

    Nice web­site!
    I’m curi­ous to know what is the base for your rec­om­men­da­tion?
    I don’t think it’s wrong but the range is quite big

    David Ritter

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